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Excerpt From A Mid-life Perspective Continued

My last post was an example of the coming to consciousness of the dissolution of the concrete sensual view in the transition to an increasing recognition of a symbolic inner world. This excerpt brings into focus the dual character of inner and outer reality for a consciousness subject to the laws of instinctual nature. The awareness of an inner opposition, formerly projected, finds that each forms an analogy of the other. The task of ego is to distinguish these parallel processes by examining the subjective relations between cause and effect which would lead the way to a new gradient for the religious function. The uneven increase in material knowledge is at a near-tipping point in which not rational science but a symbolic psychic reality will create the counter-pole to the emotional projections behind the ideological conflicts of today.


That such unsaintly savageries should lurk
Where love’s resplendent purposes unfold
Is at the very essence of the work –                                                                                           A tale antiquity has long since told                                                                                         Eons before the mid-life sacrifice
The Son of Man embodied in this truth
Time and Nature used a similar device
To free the spirit from compulsive youth.
The dying and resurgent god of Nature
Was an image of the same analogy;                                                                                         Now obscured by a modern nomenclature
But barely noted even by psychology.
The secret excitement conceals in his mind
An unconscious striving for orientation
To the two opposed powers discreetly entwined
In this mythical drama of mid-life creation.                                                                         Their double form is thought’s discrimination
Of these opposites beneath its dark disguise;
And when in harmony with his cooperation
This narrow gate of grace reveals the secret prize.
The chief enigmas of this difficult art
Are the hidden snares of the human heart
The limited cast of the conscious light
And the magic illusion of its own sight.
Only love provokes the dread disease
Enticing men to labors such as these;
And in the end his nature shall decide
The value of the love he holds inside.
But Nature first initiates her plan
In a form attractive to a man.
In her willful way she shall ensure
A dark entanglement in this divine allure…


Such a lovely vision flowers from her presence —                                                             So enchanting as she floats across the floor –                                                                     She reserves a certain silent reverence
Which impressed itself upon him all the more
By the way such loveliness emerges                                                                                         Through the sweet affection sensed in every glance;
In the way her liquid eyes reflect his urges
To yield himself completely to her trance.
A touch would seem invasion of her lovely sphere
Even as her beauty whispers secret mysteries:
What would it be like to hold the shyness of a deer;
To kiss the fragrant essence of a summer’s breeze?
For such a graceful air as stirs in any forest
To personify itself in woman’s form
And reproduce such sweet melodic chorus
Is as moving as a springtime being born.
If the light of all of legend’s sunrises
Could condense within a mythic pair of eyes;
Reveal the depth whose radiance disguises
The subtle character her loveliness belies
Then he could feel the magic of this creature
Who weaves her way through spirit’s re-creation                                                             To come alive in every mundane feature
So inviting in this lost preoccupation.
A secret sea of ancient energy exists                                                                                         Within this image gravitating round;
Thronging, shoving, ever-longing it insists
Upon the living mystery to which it’s bound.                                                                       Her aura hints at access to this world                                                                                     Whose works are of such enigmatic source;
But where amid this captivating swirl
Does her own figure make itself a force?
It’s the wider world of a deeper plea:
The waking dream of a new reality
Striving now to create and expand
A living relation to Nature’s demand.
It pulls him whole within its vortex
Longingly and seeking to express
The coursing life concealed beneath his selfishness.
This little stream will soon release such torrents
As will flood the reaches of his stranded consciousness.
His pretensions will be swept away in currents
Too repressed and raging to allow control
To the flimsy screen of everyday existence
That veils the secret yearnings of his soul.                                                                           She drifts away with the intoxicating breeze
Of fleeting traces weaving wonder with her grace.
Dancing round before him with fascinating ease
Her fingers light a flame across his face…


Did she spring from a nixie’s dream within my mind?
Its lovely paradox aglow behind her smile?                                                                         Did Nature whisk me through this twilit view of time
As an omen of her oceanic style?


The path has been laid though it winding be;
Straight and narrow views lack deeper insight.
Who would imagine this mystery
Must feel the motion of Nature’s might.                                                                               Back and forth she weaves her wayward course
To thread together two worlds separated;
That Nature’s child be brought back to its source
And reconcile the spirit-world it abdicated…

A Mid-Life Perspective: Conversations With The Unconscious

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